SCG Muangthong United have appointed legend Mario Gjurovski to the position of head coach. Gjurovski played for SCG Muangthong United from 2012-2015, and again in 2019. He was a member of THE INVINCIBLES, the 2012 squad that went undefeated and captured the championship.

Mario will be supported by assistant coaches Dagno Siaka, a teammate from 2012, and Darren Read, who oversees the MTUTD Academy.

MTUTD MEDIA today caught up with Mario before the start of training:

MTUTD: Had you always expected to become a coach?

Even when I was a player I already started to think as a coach. In the last few years, I found myself always teaching the other players, during games, in training, so it's not like I woke up one day and thought, time to be a coach, instead I just started to think like a coach automatically. So when the chance came, I took it right away, and I am very thankful for this opportunity.

MTUTD: How do you feel about the pressure, given the club is struggling and there are high expectations?

Yes I understand this. I have great memories of this club, and I remember we'd be winning 2-0 and fans were saying that's not good enough, now fans can only cheer when we clear the ball in to the stands. We need to change this right away, this is Muangthong, we should always be on top. There is not much time, but I will do everything I can to change MTUTD, to play attractive football. I am very thankful for this huge opportunity.

MTUTD: What is your coaching style?

For me the role of the coach is to be the supporter, good friend, and mentor to the player. I believe in them and will be always beside them, fight for them, always on the sideline and with them during the game and supporting them. I don't want to copy anyone else, I have to be myself and follow my passion and character because I love this game.

I am the #13. The players are 1-11, then the fans #12, and I am #13, but I will be the #1 supporter of the players, and on the sideline all the time, everyone will see me, with the players at every moment of the game. These are not just words, but my actions too. When players see this from me, they will take motivation from that, to also show that passion and energy for the game, and go 150%.

Players know how I love this game, and my passion for the game is so strong. Football is my life, it is everything I think about. In the game I am focused. I like the pressure, and the challenge.

MTUTD: What tactics or game style do you use?

The formation, whether 4-3-3 or 4-2-3-1, is just a number. Instead what is more important is how the players react on the pitch, what they do. I prefer that we keep possession of the ball, and dominate and control the tempo of the game, something that has been missing. Sometimes maybe we double up forwards on one side or the other to gain an advantage.

MTUTD: What about our next game against Police Tero FC?

This weekend already we will change a few things, you will see. I've been watching all the games, and I have my ideas, and I will react fast, as we don't have much time. I am very confident in this group of players, and in myself, and they can score more goals and be much better in the future.

MTUTD: What lessons do you bring from when you were a player?

When I was a player, I respected the coach who was always 150% committed to his players, to his team. When I see this, I am motivated to also be like this, to give everything, and more. So today I promise to do my very best and to fight for my players.

MTUTD: What do you have to say to fans?

I have so many good memories and connections from this club and the fans know me, we share the MTUTD STORY. They know my passion. I am THE MUANGTHONG GUY. This team, these fans, deserve to be winning again, and I wish for the fans to support me and the team and I promise to do my best to play attractive football again. This is my club, I am here to help.

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