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SCG Muangthong United has a strong base of loyal fans who follow the club closely, attending every home match and cheering madly for their beloved Kirin. The club also has a growing number of foreigners at matches. Word has gotten out about the quality of the game here, and tourists plus expats alike are filling the seats at the SCG Stadium.

Must Do!!

At the recent match between Muangthong United and Buriram United, nestled elbow-to-elbow with the cheering throngs in the Ultra Zone, sat James Sostack, a visitor to Thailand from the U.K.

“If you really wish to see the passion of the Thai people, then put high on your "must do" list a visit to a local football (soccer) game,” said Sostack of his experience. “I was fortunate to watch top class football in a local rivalry game encompassing the true flavor of Thai culture.”

The warmth and charm of Thailand shines bright at football matches. Local fans are thrilled to see foreigners at games, and will pose for photos and offer friendly greetings. The entire experience will greatly enrich any visit to Thailand.

Wrote Sostack, “Having chosen to purchase the local team shirt of Muangthong United, I was immediately met with smiles and the warmth that only Thai soccer fans can provide.”

Stan Mommers, (pictured below) a football fan from The Netherlands who currently lives and works in Thailand, echoed the sentiment. “This game is getting addictive,” said Mommers, who has attended several matches already this season.

Stan Mommers

Should you decide to attend a match, arrive early and take in some of the pre-game atmosphere around the stadium. There will be food vendors and local beer available. As groups of fans arrive, including families, you begin to pick up on the excitement and energy. Many will be sporting the home team colours, and jamming the stadium shop for souvenirs, or having their favourite player’s name pressed onto a jersey.

SCG Muangthong United’s English language website will give you all the information you need about attending a local match. See

“Leaving Thailand I am now a Muangthong fan. I highly recommend the experience for future travellers to Bangkok,” wrote Sostack.

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