Thailand star and SCG Muangthong United striker Teerasil Dangda has begun his one year of military training. He will be attending training in between matches for SCG Muangthong United, and will miss some practices with the squad, but it is not expected to affect his performance or the team. "All of us are proud of Mui, and we are proud about his service for Thailand," said Coach DraganTalajic.


In Thailand it is compulsory for all males, at the age of 21, to do some military service. Young men can volunteer, and when they do so can select their branch, Royal Thai Army, Royal Thai Air Force, or Royal Thai Navy. This is what Teerasil's has opted to do, signing a one year contract with the Royal Thai Air Force. Teerasil's father is an officer (sergeant) with the Royal Thai Air Force.

For those who do not wish to volunteer, they may be subjected to a random draft lottery. If a young man draws the red ticket, it means he has to serve 2 years, or if it is a black ticket, then he is exempt. Whether or not there is a random lottery depends upon the needs of the military in each year, and the chances of pulling a red-card depend also upon the country's needs. Typically the chances are less than 50:50 that you will be selected.

A third path exists, and that is a male citizen can graduate with a 3 year Military Service Student's Program, taken after high school, one day per week.

Coach Dragan Talajic is not worried about Teerasil's fitness and match readiness. When asked about this at a recent press conference, he said, "He does not need training all week," noting that the physical training required is very demanding and will help Teerasil to maintain his match readiness.

See the press conference here:

Teerasil and SCG Muangthong United's next match is this Saturday, away to Chiang Rai United. With the recent win over Osotspa, Muangthong now sit tied for 3rd place in the league. For match tickets and details SEE TICKET INFO page on this site.

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